Replacing the main PCB on Aqua-Rite


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Aug 9, 2007
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The original Turbo cell (cell #1) went bad and I replaced it with a new cell (#2).
The Aqua-rite said I had Hi salt.
I had the salt tested at 4 locations. 2 used an analog meter, 1 used test strips and the last used a digital meter. All results indicated salt levels between 2800-3400.
After discussions with Hayward they suggested, cell #2 was mislabeled as a T-5 as opposed to a T-15. :?:
I replaced cell #2 with cell #3, which was tested good at the pool store and verified to be a T-15. I still had Hi salt.

Hayward then gave me the phone numbers of several warranty repair places to come look at the cell and box. Their charges are $115-$150 for a service call.

I feel confident of the salt level in the pool. I feel confident that the cell is good.
About all that is left is the Main PCB.

Has anyone replaced a man PCB? It should be similar to replacing computer parts.
A warranty replacement PCB is $250.

Ideas and comments are welcome.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Not to rub it in, but I suggested the board as being the problem and not the cell :slidehalo: . It's very easy to do this, though I've only had do do it a couple of times. Get the new motherboard, take off the inside cover and remove the controls panel (it 'pops' on to 4 white plastic 'stands') the connections are labeled by the color of the wire that goes on to each one. You need a flathead screwdriver, or better yet - a 5/16" nutdriver to replace the board.

If you have any questions about doing this, ask and I'll help.