replacing some polaris 180 pieces

Jul 21, 2016
edmond, ok
I am replacing some worn or missing pieces of my polaris 180. It is 10 years old and works well, just wearing in spots. One thing I am replacing are a couple missing screws that have backs out and been lost. I fount some on amazon that were about 9.50 a piece. Then I found these that appear to be the same...

Will these work? 50 for $10 is way better deal.



Gold Supporter
Apr 25, 2016
Hi Jberrymd,

You'll need to verify the threads are the same. It might be easier for you to take the screws you're trying to replace and go to a big box story and compare threads. They often have in the screw and nut aisle gauges for you to use to see which thread and size you have.

Good luck!