Replacement for Jacuzzi Magnum


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Jun 20, 2010
New pool owner here. Previous house owner closed the pool last winter, and I've been putting off opening it (busy...).

This weekend I checked on the equipment and to see what I'd need to open it. The pump is an older (My guess is '98 or '99) Jacuzzi Magnum, 240V, 1.5HP (1.5SF). The strainer basket is cracked on the bottom and the pump looks like its seen better days.

From what I'm reading on TFP and other websites, this pump is probably a bit oversized for my needs and I was trying to get an better handle on what I should replace it with.

Equipment is all connected with 2" PVC. No heater or spa. Jacuzzi Laser Sand filter. 2 skimmers, 1 main drain. Not sure how many returns there are yet. No automatic cleaner.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to get a nice pump that is an energy saver.

Attached is a picture of my equipment pad and the overall pool (before I closed on the house...). Thanks for any information you can give!
(the booster pump pictured here has been removed)


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Jun 22, 2009
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For a 33k gallon pool I'd suggest a 1hp full rated 2-speed pump. I'm sure everybody has their favorite but the Pentair Whisperflo seems to be a popular one. The WFDS-4. The WFDS-26 uprated version has the same SFHP so it would work too.

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