Recommended backwash cycle with Hayward DE4820


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Aug 1, 2019
Long Island, NY
What is the proper backwash cycle I should use with my Hayward DE4820 filter and multiport valve? Currently, this is what I've been doing:

- Run on Backwash for 45 sec
- Run on Filter for 30 sec
- Run on Backwash for 45 sec
- Run on Filter for 30 sec
- Run on Backwash for 45 sec
- Leave on Filter
- Add 5pounds of DE

Is this correct? Some things I read say to use Rinse instead of Filter between Backwash.

What's recommended?


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Jan 6, 2010
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I doubt it will make a huge difference either way; people with just a slide valve don't have a rinse option and you seldom see complaint of plumes of DE shooting into the pool.

But if you're the OCD type, consider this. You backwash more than once because you figure you didn't get it all, right? So where is it? Stuck to the grids or still in the plumbing. Switching to filter with DE in the pipe could send it back to the pool. Rinse pushes the water the right direction through the grids and plumbing but it exits out the waste port. It can't get in the pool.

Since I only clean mine twice a year, I backwash until the water stops looking like mud. Then I open it up and blast the grids with a spray nozzle. Then I reassemble. Then I backwash some more to get all the sludge out. I know my filter is absolutely clean so I can use the full charge to recoat it without fear of overloading.

Wouldn't you hate to open up and see this?
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