Recommend an AGP winter cover?


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Jul 26, 2017
Melbourne, KY
Can anyone recommend a good winter cover? I have a 24' round above-ground pool. I bought a new one last year from Amazon that turned out to be a waste of money - it was basically a tarp with a cable and winch. It barely survived the winter. I'd like to get a high-quality one that will last for years.

A related question: how long do covers typically last? Is this something I'll have to re-purchase every 5 years or will a good one last forever? Thanks!


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May 1, 2012
SW Ohio
I think that there are high quality above ground covers, but if i remember correct they need some very special mounting and it was just not worth it for me.
I am able to get about 3 years max out of mine. Just buy the cheapest you can find and expect to replace it.

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Jun 22, 2009
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As Snoop said, buy the cheapest cover you can find and expect it to last a year or two and replace it.

One thing that I do, is to save a dozen or so bleach jugs during the year and bungee those to the cover instead of using the cable & winch and it keeps the cover tight and isn't nearly as much a pain to install and remove as the cable and winch. I buy a bag of small cheap bungee cords to use.