Raypack heater advice please.


Aug 4, 2019
Ontario Canada
Just picked up a used Raypack 266k btu digital. For a decent price. Or so I thought.

I was reassured by the seller that there was nothing wrong with the unit. I did my best inspection and against my gut feeling bought it.

I decided to flush the pipes with hose water and inspect the unit. It was all rusty water.

So obviously the heat exchanger is in rough shape. See picture.

Can this be cleaned and saved or will it forever be spewing rust into my pool.

The seller says I can bring it back for a refund. However he's 2 hours away.

Should.i try and get some.money back put a new heat exchanger in at a tune of 1100 cdn. On a 5 year old heater.

Or waste another day return the heater and put my money towards a new unit. Which are sold out everywhere.

I paid $900. $1100 heat exchanger. Also needs.a thermostat$$? unless it can be cleaned and a bypass kit $50

The same model new is $3k but on backorder.

I can get a milivolt model for 2400.