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Jan 29, 2017
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Hello Everyone::handwave:
I have a home in Boston, MA with a very small backyard. I am in the process of getting information from the building inspector about the city's rules and regulations governing pool installation on residential property. I am also trying to find the dimensions pertaining to my property, such as how far is my home from the street and adjoining properties. Getting this information is complicated because I never owned property, I live in New York City, and the Boston Inspector Office does not give information over the phone. I need help with asking the inspector the right questions about installing the pool in my backyard.

Currently, I am thinking about installing an oval in-ground pool that will be 52" deep. I am discouraged about installing an above ground pool because the walls are permanent and can be damaged over time. I am afraid about a bolt of lightening hitting and weakening the above ground pool wall and tons of water gushing out and causing damage to the adjoining properties and my basement as well. Although I am an avid swimmer, I need a shallow pool because my Boston home is my secondary residence. I also need a pool that is "non-swimmer" friendly. I am envisioning having holiday cook-outs with relatives and friends who are non-swimmers.

I would love hearing feedback from the pool community. Thank you for reading my introduction.


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Aug 10, 2012
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I've never heard of an above ground pool being hit by lightning. I would think that there are many other things which are higher and would be more likely to receive a lightning strike first, like trees or your house. Has your house ever been hit by lightning? I had an uncle whose house was hit by lightning several times and they installed a pretty extensive lightning rod system that solved the problems associated with lightning strikes. If you house has never been hit then I think your pool will be fine.


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Jun 7, 2011
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If it were me, I would contact pool installers in the area. They should be able to help you with the questions, and have motivation for doing so. Just inqure about purchasing an install since that is what you might be wanting, and they should know.