Radiant Pool Question/LED Light


May 5, 2016
Washington, NJ
I am a new pool owner and this fall we had a 21' round pool buried and my kids are very excited to use it, hopefully once the weather gets warmer. I have 2 questions.
1. Does anyone know how difficult it will be to put the winter cover on the double sided tracker i had installed and also on the trim rings, how many rings can i use at one time?

thank you

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Hi Mike and congrats on your new pool. Kids must be excited. I noticed your thread didn't get any replies yet, so I thought I would give it a little :bump:. However I must admit the thread title threw me off, and perhaps some others might have passed it over thinking it was an LED light question as opposed to a winter cover. So if you don't get any hits on this question soon, you can always try another thread later and perhaps title it something like "Winter Cover Help", or something like that. Maybe that will attract more eyes. In the meantime, have a great day.