question about fiberglass pool install


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May 1, 2007
Getting ready to have installed a 16x35 Viking fiber glass pool. My PB wants to have the concrete bond/overlap decking poured within 5 days of installing the pool. Spoke with a contractor today about installing a retaining wall near the pool and he brought up a very good point: Doesn't the sand/backfill need to settle before a concrete deck is poured??? I plan on calling the PB on Monday to ask, was wondering every one elses thoughts/experience.
We had a 16 X 38 Viking installed last fall. The excavated hole for the shell was very close to the actual shell profile. Pea gravel was used to backfill the area around the shell as water was filling the shell. The installer used a small track dozer to profile the areas concrete decking was poured on. This compacted any fresh fill they used for leveling purposes.
The concrete guys used fiberglass strands for extra strength in the cement and also cut expansion joints to keep the deck from cracking.
If you are having major amounts of fill brought in they can use soil compactors prior to the pour.


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Apr 24, 2007
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I had my concrete poured around the pool about 2 weeks after the pool went in, and that was only because it rained. Everyone I know that had thier fiberglass pool put in by the same builder had the concrete done right away. No one had any problems, and we all had them installed about 8 years ago. Hope this helps :)


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Apr 1, 2007
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Pouring concrete directly after a fill can be done....if it's done right.

The backfill has to be a non-compactable material. Rock or pea gravel is probably the best. Sand can work, too, but it has to be done a little more carefully.

One of the important considerations is that the dirt at the bottom of the backfill be compacted with a jumping jack prior to introducing the backfill material.

Again. if the substrate is done correctly, poured concrete will do fine. Done incorrectly or sloppily, it's gonna' crack