Pump/filter placement advice


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Apr 11, 2017
Nowhere, KY
We are going to begin installing our pool this weekend. It's a 24' round semi inground salt pool from the pool factory. We will be using a Hayward Matrix 1.5hp 2 speed pump (3ft cord) with cartridge filter and a Hayward salt generator. My question is, should I put the pump as far away from the house/entertainment area as possible? I am completely new to pools, and I'm not sure of the noise level. I'm including a rough sketch of my plans, which has the pump/filter on the far side of the pool. Should I leave it there, or put it closer to the house for convenience? Also, should I build some sort of cover over it, or is it ok exposed? Any placement advice would be appreciated.



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Jun 10, 2015
Ottawa, Canada
I would put it as far as possible from main area.
It's not necessary to cover your equipment, but if you put your equipment in a small shed, it would also sound proof it.

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