Process for Blowing Out Lines???


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Dec 13, 2009
Virginia Beach, VA
After looking on YouTube for a process for blowing out the lines on my IG pool, here is what I found. Can someone chime in and tell me if this is a sound process or if there's something you'd change? I'll likely close my pool on Saturday and the water level will be below the returns.
1 - Remove skimmer baskets and eyeballs
2 - Prep all PVC plugs and gizmos by wrapping the threads in teflon tape at least 3x
3 - Set multiport to recirculate
4 - Set valves so that main drain and skimmers are on
5 - Hook air compressor to the drain port on my pool pump using a threaded fitting and turn on
6 - One opening will start spitting water, let it blow water out for a minute or so
7 - Insert plug/gizmo until it is sealed
8 - Wait for next opening to start spitting water and repeat steps 6 and 7 until all openings are plugged
9 - Now the main drain will start bubbling
10 - Let it bubble for a minute or so and then quickly close off the main drain and turn off/disconnect the air compressor
11 - Set the multiport to Closed

So is this a good process? I don't have any way to isolate one return from the other and I have 3 returns and 2 skimmers. Typically the lines bubble and spit water in this order:
1 - Closest skimmer
2 - Other skimmer
3 - Closest return
4 - Next closest return
5 - Furthest return
6 - Main drain

This makes sense and its a process that I've used in the past and is fairly simple, but with this winter looking like its going to be a cold one, just wanted to make sure it's the proper process. Any help/input is greatly appreciated.
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