problem with new cleaner


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Apr 1, 2017
After recent storm and windy weather our pool is full of dirt and dust.
our pool cleaner is one month old and worked perfectly.
but after storm it has hard time cleaning dust and leaves trail behind like you see on my attached picture.
is it normal? Does it take time maybe to clean?
its been now 2 days and dust is still there

if u look at picture can u tell me its normal? ( you can see dust left behind cleaner while moving)

thanx IMG_1676.jpg


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Hello, and welcome!

I've been hearing about those storms and can relate. We have tons of dirt and fine dust here too. I'm not familiar with that cleaner, but it looks like it's leaving things behind. How has it done in the past after heavy storms if you know? Brushing toward the bottom drains if present and working will help. If you would, tell us more about your pool and equipment, and we may be able to offer more tips on getting this straight. If all you have as a major issue right now is fine dust, it can take some time and effort to clear.