Pressure or suction side?


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May 20, 2019
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We just opened our pool for the first time, purchased the home back in December, and I am curious about my pool cleaner options. I have read over and understand the distincitons between pressure and suction side cleaners, but am still curious as to which direction to go.

There is a dedicated vacuum port in the pool so I was thinking a suction side cleaner, but I have a lot of trees around the pool which will create a lot of leaves. Do suction side setups handle larger debris well? I don't want to be dealing with a clogged vacuum port line as there is no valve to segregate it from the skimmer for service, so it is always pulling.

For pressure side, are there any decent models that would operate just fine off of my 3/4 hp motor without need of a booster? The motor looks to be pretty old and I plan to upgrade to a variable speed option when I replace it in the near future. Should I think about getting a little beefier motor when I upgrade to avoid buying and plumbing in a booster pump?

RIght now I am manually vacuuming and since it isn't so deep, it isn't terrible, but I would really like to not have to lug out all the equipment on an almost-daily basis.

See specs below:

Dimensions: 18x36
Gallons: 17,010**(Previous owners shallowed the deep end out to 4ft so this is my calcualtion based on the pool math calculator)
2 Returns
1 vacuum port
1 skimmer
NO floor drain
3/4 hp US Motors pump



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Jan 17, 2012
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You want neither! What you want (but don't realize yet) is a robot! They use a fraction of the energy to clean, they do a far better job and will also handle the wall brushing for you! Win-Win!

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Mar 4, 2015
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All pressure side cleaners worth getting need a booster pump + your pool pump to operate. Most use a bag system to catch the debris. Polaris Quattro uses a basket to trap debris and is the closest to a robot but still requires booster pump.