Pooled opened - New Pump & filter? Old pump very loud


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Sep 16, 2016
Katonah NY

I have an Anthony Filter (metal with 6 filters) and a SK1202 (2HP) pump. The whole setup is very loud. It is in a room in a pool house & its always (5 years I owned the house) been loud.

This year I was hanging around the pool guys during the opening & asking a bunch of questions. They brought a pump (I guess 110 power?) & it was amazingly quiet. The pool guys commented that I had a new heater (part of the sale of the house), new computer, etc but a really old pump & filter.

They used DE in the filters & suggested a new one would have cartridges which would likely last longer.

They said the new pump would be much quieter and it would be self priming.

Any thoughts? I didnt get full pricing but they said $900 for a new pump.

I have a plumber friend & figure I could do that myself but it might be nice to swap out the copper for PVC in my setup as I get leaks in spots that go from copper to PVC.