Pool Temp for Start-up of new Stonescape Minipebble


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Mar 30, 2017
Santee, CA
I just had my pool done in Stonesacapes Mini pebble Aqua Blue. And new ceramic tile. It is currently filling as I type this. Our pool guy will come tomorrow for the startup. We invested a lot on getting this pool up, so naturally want to take the best care of it. We bought a new pentair easy touch control (to replace the compool), a new pentair 4 cartridge filter, and a new pentair intelliflow 2 VS pump. Has an old rheem heater that is still going strong. I know we are not to turnon the heater they say for the first 28 days (though I read 5-7 after plaster dust is gone on other sites). But, can we run the water through the solar we have installed on the roof? Is there a certain temp I should keep the water below during the first 28 days and curing? I don't want to damage it.

Anyone who has done this before , and any info is appreciated. Pool is about 15 by 30, 3 and a half to 5 and a half feet deep and attached spa. If other info is needed let me know.
Thanks, I am excited to get this up and running!:D


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Jun 7, 2011
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You don't need to worry about manipulating the water temp for the new fill. It will be fine no worries. We do hope you stick around and hear how we do thing. I promise you we can help you give the best care possible to the new finish.

As for running the heater, I would not before you are certain all the dust is gone and you have excellent balance, particularly good pH In the pool. There are risks to the heater running it sooner than the 28 day mark, but watching the above will minimize them. At the early stages high pH is a primary concern to keep in mind, but always, pH is critical for the best care of your heater. Early on, you will have a tendency for quicker pH increase. I would personally put off running at spa temps a bit longer I you have one.

Enjoy your time on the forum! :goodjob: