Pool slope to drains


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Aug 17, 2014
NW Ohio
I am putting in a 33x22 foot constant depth about 52 inches deep. I am putting in a vermiculite floor soon, I was hoping to just do the floor even through the entire pool, so the depth would be 52 in every spot, except where the drain covers will sit above the 'floor height'.

I had a local pool company give me a quote on liner installation, and he said I might want to slope to the center where the drains are. I see how this would make sense and any dirt might better make its way to the drain, but me putting in a FLAT floor is going to be a challenge, so trying to slope inward would be difficult for me??
I cannot afford to have the pros install it, they want close to $4000.

Any advice on constant pool depth and the floor, do I really need a slope towards the drain? I figure I'd likely have to vacuum a bit more, but is that all?


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May 19, 2010
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Honestly, floor drains are not even needed in pools. In fact, some members might recommend NOT adding a drain which is a site for potential leaks.

So if you add one, likely does not make much difference if the floor slopes toward the drain.

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BTW, for a pool that size, and with your shorter season, I would recommend a cartridge filter at least 250 sqft ... the one you list just seems a bit small.
And that pump is much bigger than you need which equates to higher electrical usage.


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May 10, 2010
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My 35 year old vinyl liner pool does not have a floor drain, only problem is cold water settling in the deep end, since adding a directional venturi eyeball return a couple of years ago, even that has not been an issue. Like Jason said, put in a bigger filter, and maybe a smaller pump, if you are going to stick with a 1.5 HP, at least get a 2 speed so you can run in on low most of the time and only draw 1/4 the electricity it does on high. Better yet get a 1HP 2 speed and run it on low.


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Jun 23, 2019
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so can i just fill my floor drains with pool krete and just not have any. i do have 4 returns and the one skimmer but thought floor drains helped with water circulation and filtering