Aug 10, 2007
long island, ny
hello all!
first post: i have a 24k gal vinyl lined pool, auto chlorinator, solar cover, loop-loc (safety) mesh cover. family is going overseas next summer for 3 weeks. other than hiring a pool service co. to maintain the pool in my absence, what steps can i take to keep the water clear while i'm away? i'm thinking of using an extra dose of winterizing chemical plus a few floaters, set the auto chlorinator & run the pump 8 hrs a day, put the safety cover on. will this work?
also, my liner is pulling off (@ the corner of the pool) from the mount, i don't know what kind of fastening sys is used, but i have a brick coping. i've tried using the bead wedgies, but it's no good, any thoughts?
all suggestions very much appreciated,