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Jul 28, 2011
San Diego, CA
I moved in to a house with an in-ground pool about a year ago and we immediately hired somebody to maintain the pool for us - who we have not been very happy with. I've been reading a lot of great advice on this forum and mustering up the courage to maintain the pool myself! Thank you for that!

I have a question regarding pool return – is it possible that my pool return does not have a nozzle/eyeball? I only notice an opening from which water comes out. Can I go ahead and fit an eyeball in with the pool full?

Also I see a couple of other openings in the pool thru which there is no water circulation – is that normal? I notice one opening which seems to be above the water line (very close to the top of the pool) – do I need to fill water up to this opening for it to work?

I have seen images of pool returns with eyeballs – I was hoping that you can point me to a picture of pool return without an eyeball and one that is plugged with a cap so that I can verify what I have?



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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum :lol:

It is possible you have no directional eyeballs in your returns....especially if it's an older pool. If the other opening is above the water line it may be an overflow or (for now at least) something unuesed. If you will post pics, we can usually help identify those things.

To fit your returns with eyeballs, they will have to have internal or external threads........do they?