Pool Pro breaker trip question - pump guts


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Apr 12, 2016
So I've always just swapped out pool and spa motors with new ones when I have to replace one. I have a newer pump failure that came off of a spa. Single speed 240volt, same principle as a pool pump. I wanted to know exactly why it shorted? The capacitors rise in ohms and then drop like they should when they are good. The windings look brand new as the pump isn't that old. I got to looking at the contacts under the wiring block ( the copper V underneath with the contact beads) and they were pitted, slightly charred, but not burnt. Could this cause a breaker trip? I've replaced the pump already but would love to know if anyone has dug deeper into the breaker trip. I was thinking about a trying a new wiring block, but can't the find part numbers yet. Thanks for any help.

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Jun 22, 2009
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Most of the time it's the windings shorted to the stator. Check the resistance between the windings and the motor case with the capacitor disconnected and you should read infinite resistance. If you don't then the windings are shorted.