Pool Pilot SCG, DIG-220 Check System,Purifier off,Check Flow


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Jun 23, 2012

Installed Pool Pilot SCG, DIG-220 one year ago at the very end of the summer. The original tri-sensor had to be replaced. This summer at atart-up we still recieve the flashing check system light, purifier off, check flow. We have acid washed the super cell, cleaned the strainer. Right now the salt level is accurate as is the temperature and definetly have flow. I can see the bypass valve and does not appear to be open. I am afraid if I suggest we take it apart at this point divorce will happen as my husband is at his wits end. I welcome suggestions and apologize if this is a repear question.


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Jun 23, 2009
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Re: Pool Pilot SCG, DIG-220 Check System,Purifier off,Check

Sounds like either the flow switch is bad or there's not enough flow through the system for it to sense it. Are you sure the bypass valve isn't open?
What type pump do you have. If it's a multi-speed make sure it's running fast enough to make the flow switch.
Re: Pool Pilot SCG, DIG-220 Check System,Purifier off,Check

You should have enough flow through your system to at least affect the manifold check valve. If you turn your pump on, it should more (not too worried about if its a little or alot right now). When you turn it off, it should fully close (red gasket should move closed towards the direction of flow).
If it's stuck opened, then it may be allowing too much water to bypass the trisensor.
It's worth mentioning too, to check your pump and skimmer baskets, your filter, and ensure that there aren't any valves diverting flow from the manifold.