pool deck

Aug 4, 2016
I am still in the planning stages for getting an above ground pool. We are looking at a 24 ft Cornelius.
I am wondering about your pool decks and how you positioned them.
Did you put your deck on the back (side of pool that is away from the house) or front or side of the pool? Does your deck connect to your house?

Any thoughts on how you made that decision?



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Veruca- If you look at Pinterest (search on Above Ground Pools) you'll see a lot of pics of what folks have done. Great resource!

Consider if you were sitting on the pool deck-would you want to be staring at the back of the house and perhaps being able to converse with folks near the house or facing the back of your lot? A deck halfway around the side can give you birds eye view of both directions along with into the pool. What makes the best view? Consider how it will look from INside the house-do you want to see decking or pool? Where do you want to put the equipment so that its not smack dab in your view from inside the house?? Decking is handy for hiding those things, y'know?

Just some random thoughts I had :)

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