pool cover questions


Mar 19, 2014
Fort Worth, TX
Hello Experts!

I've owned a pool for nearly a year now, and come fall the pool was littered with leaves. Seems like it would be easier to get a cover rather then keep cleaning these leaves out (troublefreepool!). As such I was in the market for a pool cover.

A safety cover would be nice as my fence isn't all that great and I have some young children. I live in Texas... so I'm also trying to figure out what type of cover would be best for that climate to keep the pool easy to maintain over the winter, and easy opening of the pool. Seems like a solid safety cover is best..

My pool is a Lazy L shape, about 1100 sqft.

I called to a nearby pool repair shop and was quoted roughly $3k.
I haven't quite been able to find an online dealer yet that would make a cover to fit each pool, but seems like it's a bit cheaper to order it online yourself.

Anyone have any opinion on the best way to get a pool cover?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
The cover is significantly less expensive if you do the install yourself. That does involve things like using a masonry drill, but isn't too difficult for a DIY type.

One issue is putting the cover on and off. A typical safety cover is a fair bit of work to put on or take off.

Solid covers with one mesh panel seems to be the most popular choice, though I can think of some advantages to an all mesh cover is you never really winterize. Having at least a small mesh panel allows the cover to drain, which allows the leaves to dry out and blow off, A pure solid cover tends to stay somewhat wet and the leaves mat down and are mildly annoying to remove.