Pool closed, sad to see end of summer


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Aug 17, 2014
NW Ohio
Had a great swimming season. Was in and out almost every day starting in early June right up to first week in September. Closing takes me about 2 hrs, blowing out the lines, moving all the pool deck furniture, spraying out the cartridge filter. I've found that using the previous season's pool cartridge to get things going in the spring, maybe run it for the first week, then get rid of it and install a new one for the remainder of the season. Back to my closure, its just me so the looploc cover is a bit of a hassle, I took two short ropes and crossed them length and width which made pulling the cover across the pool much easier and the cover didn't get too much water in it which makes it super heavy.

Anyways, it was another fantastic pool season. Never had any excess algae or cloudiness, I follow the pool school rules and never have any problems.

But it is a sad day, saying good bye to summer and the pool that made the hot days not only bearable but very enjoyable

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Jun 22, 2014
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