Pool build turned into a nightmare - travertine help


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Mar 19, 2019
new jersey
Around the skirt of the pool 3 feet out is concrete, but then the rest they did compacted stone (not a lot of it) then sand. A friend of mine had a travertine deck laid the same way and it’s totally even and great. However, her PB used a machine to compact the dirt first, then did a layer of DGA and compacted then another and compacted and then a final and compacted- 3 layers of crushed stone all compacted down. Then the sand and compacted.

The “pattern” as per my pool builder is “random” - here’s his response



Feb 14, 2018
Engle wood, FL
Should never have 4 corners come together. And if tiles aren’t stable now, imagine how they will be after a few years go by. If someone catches a toe, falls and gets hurt YOU will be the one that potentially gets sued for his crappy work. Be polite but show 1) this is not by any industry standard a French pattern (if you have that term specified in your written contract and 2) the base install is not correct and needs to be redone for safety.

Send everything in writing. Keep every communication. My guess is this will get ugly if that’s all he knows.