Plugged Hayward CL220 Chlorinator


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Apr 24, 2008
I have a Hayward CL220 chlorinator that, I think, is partially plugged up because I have the setting at 'maximum' and I still don't seem to be using up the chlorine tablets very fast and I'm having a hard time keeping the chlorine level up. Inside I see a lot of tan colored 'goo' on the side of the chlorinator housing. I read somewhere else on this site that the knob can be removed by pinching it to bypass the stop and then unscrewing it. I tend to think maybe the inlet is partially clogged so I plan to take it apart and try to clean it. My main question is 'how do I protect my skin while I'm cleaning this device'? I am concerned that the tan colored stuff is some kind of highly concentrated chlorine. Any help out there?


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Apr 1, 2007
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No problem on the "goo". get a big bucket of water and submerse the whole thing in it while cleaning. There's nothing in the tabs that could cause any harm under those conditions. I can't imagine what that goo is unless something other than tri-chlor tabs have been put in there.