PLEASE HELP ~ can't get SWP clean


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Oct 31, 2009
I bought a 16X48 Intex Ultra Frame Salt Water Pool last year - we filled it with well water (put a sock over the hose going in and a towel over the water return to catch some of the silt/dirt/rust), we had brown water for several days and let the pump run for about 4 days straight and ended up with crystal clear water. We used the pool all summer long with no issues - I never had to add anything to it, only had to test it once a week, only had to shock it once at the end of the summer after a week-long rain. I drained the pool to start it back up this year just so we could start off with 100% fresh water and for some reason I can't get the silt/dirt/clay/rust out of my pool. It is clearer than it was a week ago - it is clear water but has a brown tint. Our 100 degree NW Florida weather means my kids are about to have a fit to get in the pool NOW. We could have been using it for over a month now, but I just can't get the water clean. I spent $50 on a device called The Circulator that doesn't fit so I had to return it. Then I bought a Hayward AquaBug vac to get the silt off the bottom and it won't work either. The pump (Intex 2500 GPH, SW chlorinator - provided with pool) doesn't seem to be very good. We had no problems with it last year, but this year it pumps for a little while and then quits or shuts down. I just want my pool clean and clear without having to spend any more money than I've spent already. I know I probably need to scrap the Intex filter/pump, but am unsure how to do that and still keep my SWG. I need quick and affordable options to get my pool swimable for my children...I am a teacher and I chose to work all last summer teaching VPK just to have the extra $$ to buy the pool. It is a shame that I took this summer off to spend it with my kids in the pool and now we can't even use it!!


Apr 23, 2010
Northwest Florida
yes you can put a regular pump and filter on the pool and keep your swg. I did it. I also live in nw florida and had the same issues with getting the pool clean as soon as we put on non intex equiptment the pool was crystal clear within a few hours!


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