pH balancing question from the newbie

May 13, 2012
I have a 12x3 above ground pool. I tested the pH and added the pH minus stuff (2 oz as indicated on the lable) ... can you tell I'm a newbie yet? Retested after 3 hours and nothing has changed. I don't want to tank my pH too low by adding more too soon. Do I wait and then retest again? How long do I wait before adding more?

After the pH is balanced, then add chlorine? Is that correct?

Thanks for answering my silly questions!


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Apr 1, 2007
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You are fine where it is. Acceptable range is from 7.2 - 7.8.

That said, if you would still like to lower it adding 2 oz in multiple steps and waiting 30-60 minutes should bring it down lower for you. You won't go too low if you test after each addition.

(2 additions should bring it to about 7.4)