Pentair Kreepy Krauly problem


Sep 5, 2013
I just replaced the reversing valve on my LL505G cleaner and now having problems. It gets stuck against the side until the valve pulls it back about 6 feet. It will then just go straight back into the side and hop up about 3 inches in the back and wait for the valve to pull it back again. It will do this over and over again and spends most of its time against the wall. It used to climb the sides and gets its self out , but now it only climbs the sides in the deep end. Must be something I did wrong when I put the new valve in, but I have no idea what it could be. I have 22k salt water pool with a plastic liner. It uses a boost pump for the cleaner. Works great when its not stuck against the side. Does anyone have any ideas what I might try to fix this? Thanks for any help.