Opinion on Sharkline AG pool


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Jul 8, 2007
Portsmouth, Virginia
Purchased my first AG and installed myself (more work than I ever thought :hammer: ). I purchases a Sharkline from Almont pools. Pool was $2000 cheaper than the same Sharkline pool from the local store. Pool came shipped with motor freight included in price. Came with wide mouth Hayward skimmer. I got the 15x30 52" Escalade which is a steel, buttress free pool but has resin wall holders that sit on the ground and resin trim piece but steel 8" tops. Pool was HEAVY. (This may be a DUH! from those of you who have built them before.) Quality and workmanship was excellent. Instructions fairly clear. Website has install video that was extremely helpful. Did have extra resin parts that I have yet to find out what they are used for?! I didn't go with the 54" Oceanic due to resin tops. I wanted to stay steel. Has something like 40-50 year warranty. Liner came with was plain Jane. Assembled well. Any problem generally came from my lack of experience. Overall I would recommend this pool to anyone. Top notch, 10 out of 10. I was concerned about buying a pool when I didn't know anything about them. The local pool store did have that is how I first found it.

Feel free to ask questions.


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
Sharkline pools are manufactured by Wil-Bar and they make a quality line of pools. I happen to own a Sea-Spray by Wil-Bar which is almost the same as yours. I like the Wil-Bar pools because the shorter distance between uprights = more stability in my eyes, but there are a lot of other reasons. We have been enjoying ours for the second year now.

Glad you like yours, pools are a wonderful place to spend time with the family! BTW, welcome to TFP.


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Jul 29, 2007
We have an 18' round 52" Escalade. We got it in 2001 and had it professionally installed. It's been a great pool. Looks nearly as good as it did the day we go it. Worst "problem" we have had is birds building their nests in the trim pieces that cover the rail joints. :-D