oh no! another shotcrete/gunite question


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May 18, 2013
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In my area, the PB seem to either favor shotcrete or gunite when quoting the pool built. My 5-minute Internet Vulcan-mind meld has told me that shotcrete (as meant by the local PB) shows up wet at the job site having been mixed at the plant and subsequent drive. While gunite (as meant by other local PB) refers to a mixture of material and water at the business-end of the spraying nozzle. Subsequently the gunite guys claim that it will be more reliable and withstand higher pressure (assuming both applications are done properly). The shotcrete (plant-mixed) guys still warranty their pools for life. What gives? Is is just a matter of overkill on material or there something going on price-wise making the PB push one versus the other?

I hope this is not the ubiquitous motor-oil question/tire question from automotive websites. :hammer:


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May 7, 2007
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There is no meaningful difference between the two processes. The small differences that do exist are more than drowned out by other issues, primarily the experience level of the crew applying the concrete. Marketing types love to take any little difference and hype it up as something "special" about their service. But what really matters is the training and skill of the people actually doing the work.
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