Not ready for prime time...


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Oct 4, 2014
East Contra Costa County CA
I've been hanging around this site (full time) since the beginning of my build; June last year. Pool was filled August 15th and from then more time has been spent swimming rather than finishing the project. That's not an apology ;) There's still more landscaping (and lot's of growing) to be done but we are getting closer. It seems to have turned into a one plant, rock, yard art piece at a time, but I don't mind. It actually gives me an excuse to sit and 'plan'.

Anyway, I have spied into your backyards and now it is your turn to do the same to mine.

These photos are from a couple of different days and times. Yes I know the water is low and there is effervescence to be cleaned near the spillway. Both have been corrected at the time of this post. A days pool work is never done. <snic>

A thread from a day or two ago featured battling lawn mowings. Buried back behind the table/chairs and spa is my "Back 40"; A 7' X 10' plot of drought tolerant fescue. It takes me longer to set up the electric mower and string trimmer than it does to mow. But a pool needs a lawn.

Oh, and don't ask how old my daughter is. The "Hello Kitty" life ring is mine!

If I think about it I'll add some build photos in the future.



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Sep 14, 2007
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Nice back yard! Might sound crazy but I like your fence. Ours is c r a plol and even with the landscaping is the first thing you see. The look of those wide boards and top cap is what I want. How often do you have to stain it....that might be a deal breaker.