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May 1, 2017
Southwest PA
Hello all,

I'm new to posting on the forum but I have "leeched" my fair share of knowledge from your posts over the past two pool seasons so thank you all for that. The best advice I've received from the forum was to buy a good test kit. I just opened up for this year (still cold in Southwest PA) and am thinking this is the year to invest in a robotic pool cleaner. Pool is in-ground, 18' x 40' rectangle with steep sides in the hopper of ~9'. Been doing research for the past few days and it seems that the Dolphin Nautilus Plus is what I'm leaning towards currently. I'll dig around elsewhere to see what info has already been posted about these machines but wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for the valuable information I've received up to this point.



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Regarding pool cleaner suggestions, people tend to like what they have. Just like filters.

About the best advice is you pay for cleaning power. A $500 cleaner will almost never have the cleaning power of a $1000 cleaner. Of course you'll find some exceptions but that is a generalized rule of thumb that might help

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