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Sep 18, 2023
Leander, TX

Just finished our first pool! We’re so excited to use it, but I cannot remove the tops off of these brass pool sleeves to put in our umbrellas!! Anyone have any ideas?? It’s like it’s stuck on there.

Second newbie question is: my rectangular pool has two skimmers one on a long side and one on a short side, but the jets on the side of the pool really don’t create a circular current at all, they just sort of shoot into the center of the pool. Is that normal? Or do I need to find a way to adjust them so that there is a current directing flow towards the skimmers? Thanks in advance for the help!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Being new, I suspect the cap to those umbrella inserts are just tight. I would hope you could use just about anything narrow to slip into one of those holes and give you some leverage to either lift or turn to break it loose. Below are some examples. Maybe even a nail and tapping sideways gently with a hammer will help it break loose.

As for the jets, you can experiment. It would be nice if they actually helped to push water towards the skimmer or any "dead zone" in the pool that don't get much water movement, but sometimes thats tough. Just do the best you can based on positioning. Your prevailing winds really influence how much surface debris gets pushed towards the skimmer(s).

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