Newbie here! Hybrid or all resin? Round or oval?


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Mar 14, 2022
Hey guys! New the TFP boards! After getting sticker shock of in-ground pools right now, we decided to shift course and get an AGP instead. Our kiddos are prime pool age right now, so we don't want to wait to save more for an in-ground. But, now I've been hemming and hawing about all the intricate decisions that need to be made.

Is the price jump to a resin pool worth it? I've been reading that steel just isn't what it used to be, so pools that used to last 20 years aren't expected to last 10 years now with the quality today's pools. Is this an exaggeration? My youngest is only 1, so we hope to realistically get like 15-20 years out of the pool we choose. We also plan to build a pretty substantial deck by the pool, so budget is definitely a factor.

Also, I know budget and personal preference is what really determines the choice between round and oval, but are there any other pros and cons between the two?

Thanks guys! I"m sure I'll be here a lot over the next few months asking allllll the questions.
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