New pump is this a good one?


Jul 1, 2015
Memphis, TN
We have a Hayward VS pump that sounds louder than our riding lawn mower. :( So we are going to replace it. It's four years old and I see from the forums that pumps aren't made like they used to be. This one from inyopools says it's a good replacement for our model. It's $300 cheaper than the Hayward we were looking at. Does anyone have any experience with the PureLine brand?
Link: PureLine pump Inyo Pools


Bronze Supporter
Feb 5, 2018
Rogers, AR
I have the 2.7 hp Pureline and it has served me well last season and this season. The timer setup for the model you are looking at is somewhat restrictive as the choices for timer settings are limited. Here is the 1.65 manual
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