New Pool Variable Pump runtime (OmniLogic)


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Jul 15, 2021
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Hi guys,

My pool builder configured my variable speed pump to run for 24hrs in the following schedule. I have an OmniLogic system, and the pool is about 12000 Gallons (24x14).
Is this a proper schedule for a SWG pool.

9AM to 5PM = Running at 55%
5:02PM to 8:58am = Running at 65%


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May 7, 2014
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It really varies from pool to pool. I run my system (OmniLogic also) 24/7. I run mine at 50% from 7am-9pm, then it switches to low from 9pm to 7am. Understand that I have a 2.7hp pump that pulls from 3 skimmers and returns to 5 my % pump speed does not equal your % pump speed. I run my SWG during the day when the flow is higher.

Your goal is that you want plenty of flow during the time that the SWG is running and also enough flow to skim effectively. I run mine at higher speeds during the day because that is when the wind is most likely to blow stuff in my pool. I kick it back at night because most nights the wind is calm. I think he has you at a good starting point, you may want to tweak it as time goes on.
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