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Jul 21, 2020
South Carolina
Hey guys,

brand new pool owner here. I am confused about where to start. We have just finished filling our pool with fresh water. The vinyl liner is new but the metal parts of our pool are not new. It is an inground 40,000 gallon pool. is it necessary to shock it before balancing the water? Everything is 0 Or very low except the PH is in between 6.0-6.2. My test kit should be in on Thursday so I just have regular test strip kit for now.
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Sep 19, 2019
Phoenix Arizona
Okay, can I find out how much of each chemical to add with pool math?
Yes, pool math will tell you how much to add. I would go a little light on what it suggests just in case your pool volume (40,000) is not correct. You can always add more but in cases like CYA, it’s not easy to remove.

Put in your current levels and target level and it will tell you.
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