New pool proj.Flagstoning around (and on) my fiberglass pool


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Mar 30, 2007
Virginia Beach
Hello all, happy 4th. I just realized that Photobucket killed all 3rd party hosting so all of those images are gone. It's a real shame that they feel the need to do that money grab. So many forums have just lost a wealth of imagery. I moved all of my images it Imgur and am slowly updating a few of my older posts on some various forums that I am involved in. I figured that I would post a few updated images of my pool as well since it's been three years since I completed the Flagstone install. I am impressed by how it has held up. I did however give up on sealing it. I only ever put down that original sealant. I just cannot justify the cost since only a week or two after application the flagstone looked just like it does today. I also suffered a few fracture lines in the flag right were they corresponded to one of the edges of the underlying pads. Fortunately in every case the deck separated along edges of the flagstone that was closest to the fracture line so no actual stones were split. The fractures are very thin. On the first I ground out the grout and used cement caulk to replace the grout. I am not overly impressed with the long term result of cement caulk. It does not flex and within a year it shrunk to allow gaps on either side. On subsequent fracture lines (I have about 5 total right on the edges of every pour) I used a silicone caulk with much better results. I also have one cantilevered flag along the pool edge that split horizontally. It hasn't bothered anything but this fall I intend to grind around it, pop it up and replace it. it is also along one of the fracture lines. As an experiment I am going to grind out that fracture line and regrout it to see if it comes back. It probably will. The fracture lines do not seem to affect the strength or solidity of the deck. I sealed the underside of the flagstone to the top of the tile line as well. I have a few small areas where that caulk has separated from the FS. This fall I will also cut those small sections and reapply silicone caulk. The tile has held up very well. I have never lost a single tile and it is as solid as the day it was installed. I just pressure washed my wood deck and the FS a few days ago as well so this is a good time to take pics. I am still using the 4 gallon Liquidator for chlorine delivery as well and have been doing so since 2004. It works great and I use about 2 gallons of 8% bleach a week. Enough rambling here are some pictures:

The pond is going strong as well. I had to rebuild the bridge a year ago as I had used leftover decking from when I ripped out the old deck and some of the pieces were starting to rot.

And a panarama! Not sure how this will work.....
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