New Pool FL Panhandle/Fiberglass in sand/Starts 6/29/20


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Jun 4, 2020
Navarre, FL
Never owned or had a pool installed, so this should be an adventure.

Imagine Pools (fiberglass) Brilliant 40' in Reef Blue. It is a free-form pool/spa combo approximately 16' x 40'. Since I am across from the ocean, it added some FEMA complexity. Contractor will install 8" pilings in proximity to the anchor points on pool shell to hold it in place. Shell delivers to site on July 1. We have elected to delay the waterline tile until we see if it is really needed. PB had a good suggestion to add a thinner piece of stone in spa spillways for appearance. Was told to expect 3-4 weeks for completion.

Equipment (based upon availability)
Heater/Chiller: Pentair UltraTemp 120 H/C (model 460935)
Filter: Pentair Clear & Clean Plus CCP420 (model 160301)
Pump: Pentair Intelliflo VSF (model 011056)
Automation: Intellicenter i8PS with Intellichlor IC40 (model 521903)
Lighting –
  • Spa: Qty 1 – MicroBrite Color
  • Pool: Qty 2 – MicroBrite Color
  • Bubbler: Qty 1 – GloBrite Color
Water Feature: Bubbler Pentair ColorVision Vinyl/Fiberglass

My current design is for a rectangular pool deck that is 64' x 24'. I may add a few more feet to both sides once I see pricing on pavers next week.

The biggest issue right now (among many) is the choice of the paver and coping. The pool is set back on my lot away from my house (as we will expand back of house in a few years). It will get a LOT of sun (hence the chiller). My house colors are gray and blue. I want paves and coping that are very light in color and without tan/brown tones. The brand that is readily available (or so I hope) in the area is Belgard. If anyone has some suggestions on pavers and coping that are linen/ash/white, that would be great.

I have video cams set up as this is a second home and I will not be there for every day work is done. At least I can look in remotely throughout the day.

Fingers crossed!


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Jun 4, 2020
Navarre, FL
Finally getting to see some light light at the end of tunnel. Last week they poured the concrete collar to secure pool and pilings. Equipment is installed and pumps are running. About 2” of sand in bottom of pool at it was filled with 3/4 water for 30 days. Lots of calcium hypochlorite to clear up. Ended up choosing white travertine coping and pool tile. Due to timing we had to choose all 12 x 24 size. Coping is being cut today and pavers Saturday. Vinyl privacy fence starts tomorrow.
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