New Pool Build- Cleveland, Ohio- Your advice is appreciated!


Aug 19, 2010
Northeast Ohio
Thank you to all on TPF. The information and expert advice you provide is excellent and very much appreciated!

I am still gathering information, but think I have found a PB I am comfortable with. I worked with Chris from JDM Pool Design on the pool and backyard design. I highly recommned him. He is very knowledgeable and charges a fair price. I will post a photo of his design later.

The PB and I are discussing building the pool in the fall and letting the ground settle over the winter. We will complete the pool build and deck in the spring when the weather permits.

Here are the details: (Please provide feedback!!)

- 18 x 36 Gothic- IG Vinyl- Cardinal
- 3.5 to 5 ft. sport pool
- Cantilevered Concrete Coping
- 2 Skimmers
- 3 returns (one at steps)
- 1.5 inch PVC Rigid
- 8 ft. walk in Acrylic Step (Marble Blue)
- 8 ft. Sun Ledge/Bench (Marble Blue)
- (2)18 inch Jandy Scheer Descents with 3/4 or 1 HP Standard Hayward Pump
- (2) 2 ft. by 2 ft. Paver Pillars for Scheer Descents
- Dedicated Wall Suction for cleaner
- Choose Dirt Devil Avenger, Kreepy Krawler or new Dolphin cleaner
- 2 Hayward Color Logic LED Lights
- Hayward Universal H Series 250K BTU
- Hayward Star Clear Plus C-1200 Cartridge Filter
- Hayward 1 HP Super Pump
- Hayward Aqua Plus SWG
- Hayward Aqual Pod for Automation
- Coverlon Winter Mesh Cover
- Solar cover and reel
- In-line anode for corrosion protection

Please provide advice on any improvements.



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Sep 9, 2010
How much for all?

Also, I would ask him to put in 2" PVC piping and get the 3/4 hp pump.

I would not get the Kreepy Krawly, it doesn't even work in my pool.


Aug 19, 2010
Northeast Ohio
The quote is $39,819.75.

It includes gas and electric hook ups, drain tile, 4 ft. of concrete, opening and closing and hauling away dirt. I plan to replace an existing wood deck with a paver patio and extend beyond 4 ft. of concrete with pavers (DIY).

What do you think of the Hayward equipment?

Should I get a VS pump?


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Sep 9, 2010
Getting a VS pump is all up to you. I would also get a 3/4 hp for the main pump as well.


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Sep 9, 2010
I didn't have my pool built, it came with the house I bought, but from the offers I've seen, it seems competitive, a bit on the high side for a vinyl liner though. Probably because your in Ohio, not many pools there.

Melt In The Sun

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Oct 29, 2009
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Ohiorookie, welcome to TFP! Looks like a pretty good package.

Can't comment on the package price, I know we have some members from OH that may give their opinions.

Getting a VS pump is a good idea if your electric rates are very high. Otherwise, a 2-speed pump would probably be a more economical choice, getting you much of the benefit at a lower cost. A 2-speed pump will save money pretty much no matter what your rates are.

vln has given you good advice about the plumbing and cleaner. 2" plumbing will give you a more efficient plumbing system. Your pool is a bit on the big side for a suction side cleaner; if it were me I would have that line plumbed as a return, and get a pressure-side cleaner that doesn't require a booster pump (like Polaris 360 or The Pool Cleaner). A robotic cleaner would work well also; it's a bit more expensive to buy upfront, but will cost less to run (don't need the main pump running for the cleaner to operate).

Hayward equipment is fine. I would try and get a bigger filter; it will require less cleaning.

Oh, and don't forget a good test kit!


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Jul 8, 2009
NE Ohio
Can't say much about the built in aspect but I can say "Welcome to the Forum" and its nice to have another friendly face from Ohio. Our pool is an AGP and I am in the Youngstown area so we are not too far from each other depending...on which side of cleveburg you are on......the west side, south side, east know :lol:

Anyway, sounds like your plans are going to be what you want when you are done. We are all looking forward to seeing the pics of the before, during and after process. This forum loves pics!

Congrats. You'll love it here. BTW, get yourself that good test kit that has been recommended. The TF-100 is the one I use and it is great at helping me keep our water clean and balanced. Not one algae breakout all season and I plan on more of the same using the BBB method. :wave:


Aug 19, 2010
Northeast Ohio

I will ask the PB to include 2 inch PVC and try to negotiate the price of the build. Thanks.

Melt in the Sun,

Thanks for the welcome and advice! I will ask about a 2 speed pump, larger filter and pressure rather than suction.

Will definitely get the TF-100 test kit after reading so many positive reviews on TFP!


Thanks for the welcome! I am on the West side of Cleveland, so not too far from you. I will post pics of the build.

Thanks again!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum :lol:

18x36 is a pretty large pool for a suction side cleaner. There's a review of cleaners up in Pool School but basically, a pressure side or a robot will give you more cleaning power but will also cost quite a bit more. There's some pretty positive opinions of the "Poolvernuguen" (I spelled that wrong) suction side cleaner if you decide to go that route.

The other thing I noticed is the heater seem perhaps a little bit small for that pool. It seems like we see more 350k heaters for a pool your size.

Your builder may resist with the 2" plumbing so a nice compromise would be 2" on the suction side which should cost him very little in extra work or money. 2" in the whole system would be nice, too, but you can live with it either way.

I don't have a VS pump but it is at the top of my wish list!

You'll get a ton of help here with questions as you go and, of course, we all love to see pictures of your build.