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Apr 11, 2017
Nowhere, KY
Hello everyone! I am getting close to purchasing an above ground 21' 52" SWG pool that will be partially inground. It will be a self (by "self", I mean my husband) install. We are completely new to pool ownership. I'd really like to get a 2 speed pump after reading on this forum. The company I'm buying from only offers a 2hp 2 speed pump, which I think is too big. I'm still deciding between sand or cartridge filter. Would you guys care to make some suggestions, especially in pumps and filters? Thanks!


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Hi Kelbrad and welcome to TFP! :wave: You'll find diehard sand, DE, and cartridge owners here. It really boils-down to preference and perhaps water usage. We know sand and DE can use a bit more water for backwashing and such, but cartridge filters require rinsing occasionally. If you go cartridge, go as big as you can to reduce the time between cleanings. Since your pool looks to be a straight-forward set-up with no major options (spas, waterfalls, etc) you could probably even get by with a 1 - 1.5 HP pump. But I agree, go with a 2-speed to save on $$. I'm sure more folks will chime-in with opinions. :)

Nice to have you with us.

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