New here, with a question or 2

Jul 10, 2012
Hello All! I've been reading the site here and am really glad to have found a place that seems so helpful.

I bought a house in New England that came with a pool a few months ago, and due to my own laziness/ignorance and a leaking/broken pump it has become swampy green.

I have gotten a new pump, switched from triChlor tabs to bleach for chlorine (from advice found here) and am looking to spend this weekend making sure the FC shock level is stable throughout the day and night to start getting the wretched place clear.

My biggest question is about the test kit right now. I'm looking at Leslies Pool for getting my test kit, and I am running on a really tight budget. As much as it makes me sound like a cheapskate, I just can't afford the chlorine FAS DPD kit right now.

Would getting the Deluxe DPD kit work for testing the FC/CC levels while i de-swamp my pool? I can budget in the FASDPD later, but if i want to get my pool working soon, the only option i have is the DPD.

Any advice?

Jul 10, 2012
Looks like that may be the only option. There's also a 45$ test kit that is like half the dosage of the first that i'll look into. looking at it some more in store and found the DPD kit doesn't test above 5, and as my shock level looks to be @ 15, I don't think it would be very helpful.

thanks for the help, wish me luck on the green-ness


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Apr 27, 2012
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Deleted post - realized op was actually referring to test kits on truest site, not leslie's. My bad.

To confirm, yes you want the $45 kit from truest -- for some reason I didn't realize it was there ;)

Good luck with your "shock and awe weekend."