new hayward pcb installed: can i add a cell and flow switch?


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Apr 13, 2007
Murfreesboro, TN
I have a hayward E command 4. the pcb went bad and the PB replaced under warranty a year ago.
The previous board was GLX-PCB-HPC-4.
Hayward sent us a GLX-PCB-PRO.
It installed and everything works great.
I went with EC-4 because i decided to go back to trichlor. (previous pool had prologic 8 and salt. replaced a board on that too)
thought it would be easier to use tabs, as we also had a pool with a rainbow feeder years ago.
Now CYA high as expected and i just did a big water exchange.
so, the question is..... this new board has a port for a salt cell and a flow switch. Can i just add those to this board and it work?? or does the E4 "button" board prevent that? I see no salt settings on the config or setting menus.
but, I'm wondering if they come on when the cell is plugged in?
anybody have any thoughts?
I'm tired of trichlor. i actually like it as well as salt, (maybe even better), but the cya problem is a pain. and i'm not lugging bleach around anymore.
Thanks all !