New fill, can't get numbers in line


May 16, 2020
Southeast PA
6500 gallon Intex with Intex sand/salt pump. Chlorine output is supposed to be 11g/hr and instructions recommend me running for 3hrs/day. Started with a clean fill and 150 pounds of salt.

FC: 0 (goes to 0.6 after running salt generator for 2-3 hours)
TC: 0
Ph: 8.2 (was 6.8 before adding 3/4 box of Borax)
TA: 120 (was 110 before the Borax)
CYA: No tester but have dissolved about 3 pounds so far in liquid and added that over the past 2 days.

Filled 2 days ago and water is still clear. Just added 24oz of liquid chlorine which took the level to 5ppm.


1 - Do I need to run the pump for 24-48 hours constant to get the CYA mixed into the water? I used a sock but ended up dissolving most of it in a bottle before pouring it in. Do I still need to run the pump for extended time to get it to take effect? I've run it about 10 hours over 2 days. Just by math I'm figuring 3 pounds should put me about CYA 60.

2- Chlorine generator can't seem to keep up, whether I run it during the day or night. I assume it's making chlorine but it's disappearing because of low CYA. The highest I got it was 0.6 after a 3 hour run at dusk. I just added 24oz of liquid (10%) chlorine because I don't want the pool to go bad overnight. It has a BOOST mode but that wants to run for 36-60 hours. Why would I do that if I can just add chlorine?

3 - I used the pool calculator to help me fix my low 6.8 Ph. It recommended 72 ounces of borax, I put in less than that and the Ph is now 8.2 much too high. Do I just add acid to compensate? I would like to get to 50ppm of borates which seems recommend for salt water pools. Should I go ahead and add more borax/acid now according to the pool calculator? Or get the chlorine issue resolved first?

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Definitely no Borax at this time. Give the pool time to stabilize with consistent numbers. But right now get some chlorine or regular bleach in there ASAP. You don't need an algae bloom. Get the FC up to about 5- ppm today while you are still getting the SWG dialed-in. Then watch the FC and never let it drop below 3 ppm. Next, if the pH is as high as it seems, along with the TA, it looks like a little muriatic acid is required. Using PoolMath, try adjusting the pH from 8.2 to 7.8 only and see how that does.