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Jul 18, 2010
Central Illinois
Hi all...let me be more exact. I have been one of the guys that have fought with an Intex pool for the last 10 years or so ( 3 different pools). Let me tell you I will not miss tearing down and putting up the pool every year...or fighting with the lack of proper filtration.

Let me explain that I do own a hot tub as well so I understand the chemistry portion somewhat of pools and spas.

I go this coming friday to pick up my new 18 foot 52" pool. With this pool I am getting a 2hp hayward 110 cartridge filter and pump, the Zodiac Pro A-vessel which holds the Pro Vision Purifier and chlorine tabs.

While I do have somewhat experience with pools I would like to treat myself as someone that has no clue...rather than someone that has learned things that are wrong. So having said that...I will be very thankful for anyone willing to help me out as if I had never had a pool before.

As an outsider looking in...I would think that my filtration system might be overkill for the size of pool that I am getting. But I have been assured that the filter is designed for the size of motor that I am purchasing. It is actually a friend of mine who owns one of The Great Escape stores that sold it to me. I know he would not stear me wrong...or at least I hope not. I will not know for the next couple days of an installation date. I am currently draining my 18 foot Intex so that the ground will be somewhat dry and workable for the install team when they arrive.

I plan on filling with the small initial amount of water with my hose...however I will have the fire department come down and do the mass of the filling (is there anything that I need to be careful with in regards to this?)

Once again...I will truly appreciate any and all advice aka help that I can get!

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Nov 5, 2008
Welcome, you will want to do a lot of reading about pools as you wait for this new pool to arrive. Begin with Pool School, at the button on the upper right. Come back when you have questions, we are all hanging around hoping to have someone to talk to.

At least I am, it is raining buckets here right now and so I am not out enjoying my pool yet. I am due for a 30 min swim today and if I do not do it today I'll have an hour tomorrow.

Also, order a pool testing kit now. I suggest the TF100 that I use, Most of us here use this and so any questions can be answered quickly. Having good test data is the key to a Trouble Free Pool.