New AG Pool today! Need ideas for surrounding area


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Jul 1, 2010
Danville, PA
Today our pool was installed and we are happy with the pool itself, but are left wondering what options are out there for the surrounding area. Hopefully these pictures can show my problem better than I can explain it. Simply put, I need to go from a 14" deep by about 12 wide gap at one end of the pool to where it is level ground on the other side. I plan on putting a deck on one side that would contain one of the deep gap to level ground sides, although not until next year or 2012.

The tricky part is the installer said not to backfill the deep areas, as it would void the warranty. His recommendation was to line bricks up to the wall and fill in with gravel, with pavers in the middle if wanted.

I bring this up to the hive mind to shoot me some ideas, with pics preferred! Thanks for any help...


P.S. I did check out landscaping-sugejestion-t24513.html as someone else is experiencing the same thing, but wanted to start a new thread with my pictures.



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Jul 10, 2009
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Spray some nut grass killer in the trench, put down landscape fabric, and fill in with brick, gravel or marble chips. You could also put a french drain on top of the landscape fabric and then put down the brick, gravel, or marble. As long as it is done neatly it will look nice and provide good drainage.


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Mar 12, 2010
We had somewhat the same problem on what to do with ours. My husband decided to cut back and gently slope it to the pool. He cut back around 3 feet from the drop and sloped it towards the pool, laying sod over it. We plan on planting the small shrubs (bottom pic) someday on that slope-they were moved next to the pool while the grass was cut. About 1 foot or so from the pool wall we put down "cinnamon" stone. Smooth red-brown rocks that look pretty good next to the pool. Very easy on the feet.

About a 1.5 foot drop from the back of the house into the "alien landing pad"

You can see the outline where he started the grade (at bottom of picture). Please disregard the crispy dead grass!