Needed: Some kind of rotating brushes, but not a robot


Dec 8, 2013
I have a ceramic tile surfaced pool with with about 1/4" white grout lines. Overall, the water and the pool's walls and floor look great.

But, lately, there appeared sporadically here and there black/black-brown stains on the grout lines. this happens mostly at the deep end (8 ft), and almost nowhere in the shallow end (4 ft). It looks like the onset of black algae, and it could be due to poorer circulation in the deep-end. That is being taken care of, and in any case, the chlorine level does not bother me right now.

What does bother me is the other step of dealing with the problem, which is BRUSHING! I have a stainless steel brush, but when I use it connected to the end of a 10 ft pole I cannot exert enough force/moment when brushing the floor at the deep end. In addition, brushing direction should coincide with the grout lines, which is not always possible because of the pool's dimensions. Also, don't ask me to dive to the bottom and scratch it there!

In short , I need a small but heavy motorized rotating brush attachment at the end of the GP pole. The motor could be either waterproof and attached with the brush at the water-end of the pole, or attached at the outside end of the pole and rotation transmitted by some kind of a flexible shaft.

I actually toyed with the idea of converting a submersible pump for that job, but I prefer to to have an already working stuff.

Does anybody know of a commercial product that does this?
Or any idea how one can concoct such thing?

Any idea, referral, response would be more than welcome!


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May 7, 2007
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Compressed air driven power tools can be used underwater, though it does greatly shorten their lifetime. I've seen some people make things out of air driven grinders for underwater use.