Need help with balance of TA and PH

Jul 24, 2010
I need a little help with figuring out which is should try to balance first. My TA is a little low and my PH is a little high. Do I need to try to get these in balance and if so, which do I do first? Here are my numbers

TA 90
PH 8.2
FC 5
CYA 45

My FC roams between 5 and 3... I try to never let it go below 5 and brought it up to 10 this weekend because we had a large group over yesterday. Pool is chrystal clear and no complaints about burning eyes, so wasn't sure if I need to try to balance TA and PH or just leave it alone...

Any suggestions would be appreciated... (this website is the best!)


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May 7, 2007
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You need to get your PH down. You should never let PH go above 8.0, and preferably not above 7.8.

If you are using trichlor tablets you should also raise your TA. But if you are using any other form of chlorine you can leave your TA alone.
Jul 24, 2010
I will get some muriatic acid to lower the PH. I am using 12.5% liquid shock that I got from BJ's for my chlorine source this year. So far that's all I've used. I have some pucks that I plan to use in a few weeks when we go on vacation, but other than that, pure bleach for me!

Thanks for your help!