Need help--Done with the Jandy Nature2 Fusion soft 1400, need a SWG


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Jul 10, 2013
Ironically, a trouble free pool is exactly what we don't have. Everything in the system is Jandy, including the aforementioned hunk 'o junk Nature 2. After years of fighting with failing flow sensors or temp sensors, the electrolytic cell appears to be dead--getting errors 125 and 194, and the cell was recently decalcified. Considering it is 6 years old, it is pretty much on schedule for it dying anywho. Pool chemistry has been maintained in bounds, and we are now running pucks in the skimmers to keep the water clear. I'm not in love with dumping $500 on a new cell when another pat of the system is sure to fail in short order. Yes, I'm somewhat disenchanted with this product.

I just want a simple SWG that will work with, or at least coexist, with the rest of the Jandy hardware on my system. I'm leaning towards Circupool or Hayward inline units, but it looks like they would need separate timers and would sync operations with the Jandy system or pump operations.

Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated.


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May 19, 2010
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I do not see any automation system listed in your signature (Thanks for filling it out!!!) so any SWG will work fine.
Recommend you size it for 2-3x the size of your pool ... I would probably just go with a 40k system.
Although you are right, the the VS pump does not have an external timer, you would need to add a timer to the SWG to ensure it is not on when the pump is not.