Need help/advice on installing my Stenner pump and tank.


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Apr 3, 2017
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Good Morning,

I am new to TFP as a member but have read through many topics on this forum.

I ordered the pump and tank yesterday. The 45MPHP10 with the 15 gallon tank.

I would like to have the bleach enter where it would if I were to of used the tablet dispenser. (This is a new build pool not finished yet) So I want to start it off using nothing but the TFP method.

Here are pictures of my filter set up. The purple circle is where the chlorine would (and where I would like it to) enter the return line. The blue is showing the direction of the return flow.

What fittings will I need to be able to plug the line into?

Would it be better to put the intake in the drain hole of the basket? Doing this causes the bleach to go through the filter first before it enters the pool right? The way I would like to set it up (hopefully without drilling holes in PVC) is stated above.

There are two pumps one is for the water features (it is on the left in the second picture).
The third picture shows the pump that is for the pool/filter where the drain plug is located.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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May 11, 2014
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I don't like the idea of using the drain on a tab chlorinator. If it were loaded with tabs and the Stenner was running you would be mixing two different chlorine sources in a confined space. This is a very bad idea, even dangerous at times.

I would rather see you cut the pipe after the chlorinator and put a "T" in there or, cut out the tab chlorinator entirely. You could replace it with a "T" to inject the chlorine there.


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May 11, 2016
If you are still under construction, I would have the pool builder add a tee/plug on the vertical run downstream of your chlorinator. You can remove the plug and add your injection point there. I have a similar setup and I use the pucks to bring up my CYA levels using the chlorinator, but for the majority of the time I use my Stenner to inject bleach.

Also, if it's not too late, I would extend the pad so that the tank sits on concrete or flagstone. When my pool was built, the builder put in a 3' by 12' pad at my request.

I'm not sure what your automation is, but my Stenner is also hard wired into my sub-panel. I have my injection automated to where it doses daily, but I can also dose it as needed by using my phone.


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Sep 17, 2013
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You can also install into the top hole of the chlorinator where the plug is. It will install far enough into the chorinator that you couldn't drop a puck in if you wanted to.


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Apr 3, 2017
Abilene, TX
I don't plan on using the pucks at all. If I need to raise my CYA I'll use an actual stabilizer vs the pucks.

We have bigger paver squares that we will be putting next to the existing pad to put the chlorine tank on.

Having electrician put an additional outlet and will run the tank on its own and on its own timer.

Also, liquid chlorination isn't a big thing here and have had listen to the pool guys try to talk me out of it, also how their chemicals are much better than the BBB way.

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